Security Guard Training

A security guard needs to receive training so that they can do their job well.  The training will prepare you to perform your job functions safely and effectively.  Required security guard training will depend on the state where you live and the employer for whom you will work.  It will also vary depending on what your exact job duties are and the types of security equipment you will be asked to use.

If you are training to become a security guard, you will need to learn about safety procedures and how to receive help if there is an emergency at the location you are guarding.  Sometimes it is helpful to have taken a legal or criminal justice course or two.  You should know about policies to protect the people and places you are guarding.  It is important to know evacuation routines and other policies if there is a threat whether it be from a criminal, a fire or some type of other disaster.

You will be taught how to use a variety of security equipment during their training.  You should learn how to operate security monitors, security alarms, screening devices and other equipment that help you to do your job well.  If you training to become anarmed security guard, you will need to learn under what circumstances you can use your weapons and how to use them properly.  You might also learn to drive security vehicles or even armed vehicles.

You should be taught good communication skills if you will work as a security guard.  You need to be able to communicate well with your employer, your supervisors, the public and other employees.  It is essential that you know how to stay calm so that you can communicate well with all necessary people during an emergency.

Security guards often have to write out reports and keep logs.  Your training should teach you the proper way to file reports and to keep logs.  You should also be taught good writing skills so that the information you write can be easily read by the necessary people.  Computer skills are often used by security guards as well and can be improved during training.

When you are training to become a security guard, you will learn how to spot a variety of potential threats.  You will also learn the procedures and policies for dealing with these threats.  Your training should teach you how to spot people who might not be authorized to be on the premise or who might be preparing to commit a robbery or other serious crime.

Security guard training will vary depending on your employer.  Some employers will require more extensive training than others.  You might need to attend a security training program offered by the state depending on their licensing requirements.  Your employer will probably also have their own training programs that you must attend so that you know the exact procedures and policies used by the employer to prevent thefts and other risks.