Free Security Guard Training in Alabama

Prospective security guards will be well prepared to safely carry out their duties by the time they complete training.  Training will prepare a security guard to monitor and observe for potential criminal activity and other disasters.  You will learn what steps you can take to stop suspects and then to hold them until law enforcement arrives.  Armed security guards will learn how to handle their firearms and when they can be used.  You will need to find a training program that has been approved the by the state.  There are even some free security guard training options in Alabama.

Call your local Public Welfare office you are currently receiving some type of benefits.  There are often programs in place to help individuals to access training for a new career.  This is intended to help people to become more self-sufficient.  You can discuss your interest in becoming a security guard.  There might be training options to help cover all the cost of training associated with this career.  You will need to make some phone calls to determine if any options are available to you.

Contact security guard companies in your area.  Talk to the companies to determine if there are any that will allow you to apply for a job in security before you receive your training.  Some of those companies might be able to hire you and then provide you with the training you need.  They will ask you to agree to work for their company for a certain amount of time after you receive all training you need to work as a security guard.

You can find opportunities to train for this new career as a security guard if you look for it.  Keep in mind that more training is required if you are intending to work as an armed security guard.

The following list will help you get started in the right direction to get free security guard classes in Alabama.

Allied Barton Security Services – 216 Aquarius DriveSuite 306 Birmingham, AL  35209

Birmingham Securitas - 400 Century Park SouthSuite 126 Birmingham, AL 35226

Alabama Department of Labor - RSA Union, 6th FloorPO Box 303500 Montgomery, AL 36130-3500334-242-3460

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Center for Communications Gordon Persons Building, Suite 210450 North Ripley StreetMontgomery, AL 36130