Free Security Guard Training in Florida

In Florida, prospective security guards must apply for a license.  There are different licenses depending on whether an individual will be armed or unarmed security guards.  The sate of Florida approves various security guard training programs.  You can even look for opportunities to receive free security guard training within the state of Florida.

Look for security guard training programs that might be offered at a college or some other type of institute for higher learning.  There are times when the programs will be for credit hours.  In a case such as this, it is possible for you to apply for financial aid to help you cover the cost.  You might receive enough financial aid to pay for the course without you needing to spend any of your own money.

You can also see if there are any scholarship opportunities for the college or training center where you will obtain your security guard training.  You should certainly apply for training scholarships if they are available.  Apply for scholarships because you could very well receive a large enough scholarship to pay for all the training that you need.

You should also contact security guard companies to find out if they offer employer-sponsored training programs.  These programs are ones in which your employer would pay for your training.  The company would hire you to work for them and then provide all training for you to become a security guard.  You will have to agree to work for that company for an amount of time they specify in exchange for the training that they provide.

Additionally, you can try to find out if you could receive any assistance from the unemployment office if you are currently not employed.  There are often training opportunities for individuals out of work.  These programs can help you to find free training.

If you are in Florida you can approach one of the following centers to get free security guard training. Note that they might have a few conditions before they can provide for free security classes.

AlliedBarton Security Services - 7300 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 401, Miami, FL  33126

Guardsmark - 6900 Southpoint Drive N, Suite 140, Jacksonville, FL 32216-0939

Public Assistance Benefits - Charlotte County Service Center, 19500 Cochran Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL 33948-208

Lake City Service Center - 1389 West US Highway 90, Suite 110, Lake City, FL 32055