Free Security Guard Training in Illinois

You will need to become licensed if you are planning a career as a security guard in Illinois.  You will need to search for training programs that will allow you to become certified upon completion.  The training will teach you about the laws pertaining to your career.  You will learn what steps you can take to stop criminal activity.  If you are going to train as an armed security guard, you will also have firearms training.  You can search for free security guard training options if you cannot afford to pay for training on your own.

You could possibly receive help to access your security guard training for free if you are a displaced worker or homemaker.  Most states and cities offer programs to help individuals who are out of work through no fault of their own to train for a new career.  There are often programs to help individuals who worked as homemakers to train for a career if they need to become employed.  Some of the agencies that might be able to help you include unemployment offices and public welfare offices.

Search for security offices that will train prospective security guards for free.  Some offices will hire individuals that they believe will make excellent security guards.  These companies will either provide training directly or pay for their new hires to attend a fully approved training program.  If you receive your training for free, it will be necessary to work for that company for an amount of time agreed upon.

There are other ways to potentially train for free as a security guard.  Some communities have programs to help single parents or other individuals with hardships to obtain training for a new career.  You could also search for any scholarship opportunities that would pay for this type of training.

The Following centers can help you get access to free security guard training programs in Illinois.

AlliedBarton Security Services, 500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1810, Chicago, IL  60611

Guardsmark - 800 Enterprise Drive, Suite 107, Oak Brook, IL 60523-1945, (630) 571-1055

Worknet Center - Lawrence Office, 2444 West Lawrence, Illinois 60625

Family Services Center - 100 West Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601