Free Security Guard Training in Maryland

It will be necessary to become licensed as an armed security guard if you are going to work in Maryland.  As part of the licensing process, you will need to attend a security guard training program.  These programs often do have a fee.  However, you can search for free training guard options.

You can search for free security guard training options if you are unemployed or if you are receiving some type of public assistance benefits.  Contact your local unemployment office or public assistance office.  These offices can help you to determine if you would qualify for any free training programs or for any tuition assistance programs. You should apply for any programs for which you could possibly qualify.  This would be one way that you could work to access free security guard training opportunities.

You might be able to apply to work for a security company before you have received your training.  You will need to meet all other requirements for employment if you are planning to apply.  There are some companies that will help you through the process of becoming licensed.  If they believe you will make an excellent security guard, they will provide you with the training.  This is a way for them to ensure that they have top-notch security guards.  It also provides you with a way to obtain a security guard job as well as free training.

Talk to your employer about your desire to become a security guard if you are working for any type of company that hires security guards.  If you have been an excellent worker, they might be willing to pay for the training you need as long as you will then work for that company as a security guard.  Your company might even offer tuition assistance programs as part of your benefits package.

Here are a few centers that can start you off in the right direction for looking for free training to become a security guard in Maryland:

AlliedBarton Security  Services – 7939 Honeygo Boulevard, Nottingham, MD  21236

Guardsmark – 8611 Second Avenue, Suite 203, Silver Spring, MD 20910-6350

Department of Social Services – Caroline County DSS, 207 South Third Street, Denton, Maryland 21629, Phone: (410) 819-4500

Maryland Dept of Labor – 500 North Calvert Street, #401, Baltimore, MD 21202